Stuart’s Current Top Films


Probably the most exciting, enjoyable and re-watchable film ever made. Ignore anyone who says the plot falls apart under close scrutiny, it doesn’t: it is and will always be a perfect movie. A remake could never work because the time at which the film was made had the perfect 60 year window of time. Fifties America was a glistening utopia of a world free of global conflict, buttoned-up social morality battling with the blossoming era of teenagers and new technology being embraced with open arms. Eighties America was a nation teetering on the edge of moral bankruptcy and dwindling international opinion but with a shiny, new digital age just rising into view. This meant that 2015 America could be a shiny and utopian future where technology has made our lives easier, sexier and more exciting.

A remake in 2015 would be based in that shiny future. And involve traveling back to the eighties, I think that only Gordon Gecko and people who live in Dalston are that interested in revisiting the 80s. Traveling forward would be going into a future made uncertain by global warming, population growth and the battle for energy. And iPhone 6.


Everyone at the top of their game, incredible special and visual effects and dinosaurs. Perfect. From Jeff Goldblum flirting with Laura Dern to the quivering jelly and the way Attenborough corrects how he says “schedule” it is a permanent joy. The best thing, as with the Back To The Future films, is if you want to watch the whole trilogy you can do so in an evening and still get to bed at a reasonable time.


Just saw this at the cinema and thought it was bloody great. Tom Hardy is incredible, almost unrecognisable in each film he is in. Cannot wait to see him as Bane in The Dark Knight Rises. The film itself is classic sports movie but the cast are so good and the fighting so brutal that you are fully committed to the story. And it starts with music by The National as well.


Was obsessed with this film when I was a teenager. It’s plot is basically: man inadvisably gives Rutger Hauer a lift and then has to put up with that ‘hitcher’ incessantly pursuing him across America, determined to make his life a misery. Rutger Hauer is perfect: menacing, ethereal and unstoppable. Watch it on VHS if you can.


A classic ‘haunted house’ ghost story that unravels to a devastating ending that not only works as a sublime twist but is also an incisive dissection of supernatural beliefs. Really chilling.


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