The Turtle Canyon Interrogation – Chris Boyd

In a series of short interviews we get to really find out what working with Turtle Canyon Media means to people. First up in this series of groundbreaking and illuminating interviews…

NAME: Chris Boyd

AGE: 27

OCCUPATION: Film Publicist/Comedian

ABOUT: I am a comedian from Chesterfield, Derbyshire who now resides in London, England. He appeared in a Fosters Comedy Award Nominated show at the Edinburgh Festival 2011.


1. What has been your involvement with Turtle Canyon Media?

I have worked on several short films, internet sketch shows, pilot TV shows and comedy bits and bobs with Turtle Canyon Media. They keep asking me back and I keep coming back because I enjoy working with them so much.

2. What does Turtle Canyon Media mean to you?

Turtle Canyon Media says to me fast, professional results with a warm, friendly approach to business. They don’t actually ‘say’ that me. I’ve not been forced into this. I’m saying it of my own free will. They’re great guys.

3. What is it like to work with Turtle Canyon Media?

They know what’s good and they know how to get it and they know how to make you feel good about yourself in the process. I’ve always found Turtle Canyon Media to have a genuine enthusiasm for their work and this really rubs off on everyone involved. They’re ‘A joy’ is what I’d say. If asked.

4. What do you imagine a company party to be like at Turtle Canyon Media?

Chinese takeaway, two beers, three episodes of Games of Thrones and in bed by half 10.

5. What scented candle would you like to smell when you enter the Canyon?

Cooking onions.

* The statements or opinions expressed in this interview do not represent those of Turtle Canyon Media Ltd.

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