A brief history of Turtle Canyon Media

Now, in the the embers of 2011, Turtle Canyon Media is an innovative and exciting production company based at Pinewood Studios, the heart of the UK film industry. But in 2008 it was merely a spark within the hearts of three individuals…

August 21st 2008

The film wasn’t holding his attention. The snacks weren’t tempting. Sleep wasn’t arriving. It’s not that Stuart was concerned by flying, it was his social unease with a planeload of strangers potentially seeing him asleep. Al had no such issue and was allowing the six hour flight from San Francisco to Hawaii pass him by.

It was two hours in to the flight that Stuart noticed it. It made his heart sink and his brain scramble to scream out in panic. He didn’t, his social unease spared the economy cabin that. It was flickering in a manner terrifyingly reminiscent of fire. It was the plane’s right engine and Stuart seemed to be the only person on board to have noticed the flickering. Stuart went to awaken Al and start spreading the news but an invisible force stopped him. He looked over at the flight attendants to check for concern and then stared out of the window at the continually flickering engine. Stuart maintained that vigil for four hours, his panic not subsiding and his social unease preventing a simple enquiry being made.

The plane touched down in Honolulu. Stuart breathed a sigh of relief and gently nudged Al. Al was roused in an instant, mouth dried by a combination of blocked nose and recycled air.

“I thought the plane was going to crash” whispered Stuart.

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“You looked so peaceful. And none of the flight attendants seemed bothered.”

“Well why were you bothered then?”

“It looked like the engine was on fire.”

“Okay Stuart, you wake me up if an engine is ever on fire in the future.”

Nick woke with a start, the scented candle on his bedside table was flickering and emitting a smell of vanilla. Nick didn’t like vanilla. Well, specifically vanilla coke. What disturbed him about this vanilla was that when he had fallen asleep he had not lit the candle. There was a note beside the candle, scrawled in a hurry, that was left by the cleaning staff. They had to come in and clean the room for the next guest and had to do so around him. They hoped the candle would rouse him.

“Mr. Long!” bellowed a voice from outside the door.

Nick looked quickly at his watch. It was 3:03pm. He should have checked out four hours ago and was now behind schedule for the visit he had planned that afternoon. He gathered up his things and, just as he heard the door key release activating, started to climb out of the window.

Al and Stuart then bumped into Nick at Turtle Canyons Reef in Oahu and decided to go into business.

Look: http://www.oahudiving.com/turtle_canyons.htm


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