The Turtle Canyon Interrogation – Tom Toal

In a series of short interviews we get to really find out what working with Turtle Canyon Media means to people. Here is another contribution to this series of groundbreaking and illuminating interviews…

NAME: Tom Toal

AGE: 24

OCCUPATION: Production Manager

ABOUT: Tom Toal is a Stand-Up Comedian/Writer/Producer/Actor/Lover/Fighter/Self-Harmer who has donated his fee for this interview to the ‘Save the turtles from themselves’ campaign.


1. What has been your involvement with Turtle Canyon Media?

I have worked with Turtle Canyon on a couple of projects now, as a camera operator on a short informercial and as a Production Manager on a comedy sketch show pilot titled ‘Overactive Solutions’.

2. What does Turtle Canyon Media mean to you?

A company like Turtle Canyon Media means a great deal to a media professional like myself as they indicate fresh blood being injected into an industry which can often be accused of being stale. Their work ethos is second to none.

3. What is it like to work with Turtle Canyon Media?

Turtle Canyon Media are a vibrant young company whose enthusiasm rubs off onto everyone they work with. Working with Turtle Canyon Media is an extremely positive and creative experience and one that you wish to recreate with every job you work on. They are a stand alone in what they are wishing to achieve within the industry.

4. What do you imagine a company party to be like at Turtle Canyon Media?


5. What scented candle would you like to smell when you enter the Canyon?

Any smell would be fine to take away the smell of booze, fags and lad banter that occurs there daily.

* The statements or opinions expressed in this interview do not represent those of Turtle Canyon Media Ltd.

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