Turtle Canyon

Here at Turtle Canyon Media we love to take on projects that push us into new directions and challenge our skills and ability that we’ve developed over the years. It’s why Al, a man petrified by blood, stepped into an operating theatre to film ankle surgery. It’s why Stuart, intimidated by large groups of people, has filmed at conferences of some of the most excited crowds in modern history. It’s why Nick, a man who hates music, produced a shoot of Carter USM performing at the Beautiful Days music festival.

Pilot season is a new and challenging direction for Turtle Canyon Media.


First up is a film review show with a difference. The Film Detectives is not interested in the upcoming releases, latest celebrity gossip or fashion tips from the red carpet – because film should be about looking backwards as well as forwards.

The pilot episode is hosted by Best For Film editor Tash Hodgson and the guest is comedian and film-enthusiast Chris Boyd.


A sitcom based at The Canyon and featuring the most beloved employee to have ever graced our halls. The star of ‘Caring For Your Employees’, Max Saidi, is returning for a narrative based show that will reverse the traditional set-up of the work-based sitcom. Three bosses, one employee and some top notch guest stars from the UK comedy scene.


Jim Rhesus is the most excitable man in London. He also likes music.


A new sketch show written by David Bussell, Matthew Stott and Turtle Canyon’s Stuart Laws. Directed by Stuart and shot by Al Clayton it is a project that brings together some of the brightest talent on the UK comedy scene. It fuses surreal humour with satire of workplace videos and some purposefully terrible camerawork.


Another sketch show but this one is an in-house production. In that it is written, produced and directed by Turtle Canyon Media. A dark and unsettling collection of sketches that are as likely to make you hide behind the sofa as they are to have you rolling on the floor laughing. This project was initially started some five years ago and is being rebooted and reshot as part of pilot season. In fact, here is one of those sketches from all those years ago…


A new initiative from Turtle Canyon that will see us regularly producing five minute long documentaries on a wide variety of subjects and in different genres. Starting with personal projects and then expanding to welcome submissions from the public this promises to be an ongoing project of originality, intrigue and excitement. Will hopefully culminate in a documentary based at the turtle canyon in Hawaii.


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