Colouricious’ “Creative Series” DVDs

Sometimes the work we do here at Turtle Canyon is fascinating. Sometimes it’s challenging. And sometimes, every now and then, it’s just plain fun. The shoot we did recently for Colouricious was one of those. 

Colouricious 'Creative Series' Shoot

Setting up for the Bondaweb shoot

  • “I never considered myself to be a craft work kind of a guy,” admitted director Stuart Laws, “but standing behind the cameras and watching the various techniques actually made me want to sit down, get my hands dirty and help to create some exciting craft. Fortunately I don’t trust myself with craft, particularly sewing machines, ever since I got behind the controls of one whilst drunk and sewed a rude slogan onto my favourite t-shirt.”

Stuart directing the Embroidery Shoot

  • The DVDs, which are available now on the Colouricious website (, show how easy and fun it can be to dress up bags, clothes and cushions using Bondaweb and embroidery. You can also use the methods described in the shows to make beautiful art and express yourself and your own personal style.


The four-camera shoot took place over 2 days and wasn’t always straightforward – some of the work was very intricate and it was important to ensure that the audience could see everything that was being done, step-by-step, without sacrificing the connection with the presenter. Luckily the Colouricious team and producer Jamie Malden were always enthusiastic, and very helpful to us craft-novices, which really shines through in the shows.

The Colouricious DVDs will appeal to craft enthusiasts of any age and any level of ability – so we urge you to get out there and start crafting with Colouricious!



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