A Photographic History of The Canyon PART 1

We try to photograph most of the shoots and projects we work on at Turtle Canyon Media. The majority of which make their way onto our Twitter account. Here’s some of our favourites…



The first major collaboration that Nick, Stu and Al all worked on was an unofficial tribute to the Batman comics, series and films. Becoming Batman was an online sitcom that garnered quite a few fans thanks to its geeky references, comic-book comedy and developing storylines. This shot is from after the first series wrapped and The Joker was finally revealed.



In February 2009 one of the Turtles’ first productions was a documentary about, star of The West End, David Bedella. He was putting on a special night of song and dance in record time, so as to raise money for The Terrence Higgins Trust. Introduced by Christopher Biggins and guest-starring Richard O’Brien, it was a spectacular event in Leicester Square. This shot is at the rehearsal space, the day before the curtain opened.



At 10am on a Sunday morning Al & Stu were waiting in a basement bar in Islington. They were ready to start a new music video for The Indelicates, a rock band about to release their second album. Unfortunately, as this photo shows, Nick was held up elsewhere, specifically: the central reservation of a motorway. No-one met any physical harm, but Nick’s insurance premium still remembers that Sunday morning.



Al is a man who will work and work until the job is done. Or until his back gives way. This photo is a delightful example of Amy doing her utmost to get him working again by giving him the deepest tissue massage possible, without it becoming surgery. Al likes it to hurt, nay, insists it hurts: otherwise you’re not doing it properly. Over the years many have tried to relieve Al of the debilitating pain but we found that a combination of excellent elbow-work and a real zeal to cause pain meant that Amy produced the best results.




A lot of production can involve driving to anonymous looking buildings, setting up in a featureless room, filming and then heading home again. Most of the time the subject of filming will be fascinating, but when a project comes along that is both interesting and involves filming in a beautiful setting then the Turtles have really hit the jackpot. We worked with BBOWT to produce a beautiful documentary about Woolley Firs, an environmental education centre.



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