A Photographic History of The Canyon PART 2

The photographic series continues with aplomb…



Our work has led to us traveling all around the world to film some truly fascinating events, products and scripts. If though, the event you have to film involves an hour of sterilising, safety precautions and futuristic costumes before having to stand in a room smaller than a primary school cloakroom for eight hours straight to film a specific action that takes place five hours, 40 minutes in then you know that you’re earning your daily rate. This photograph was taken just after that marathon session and unfortunately the sobbing isn’t quite apparent.





In late 2010 we started to work regularly with a young camera operator by the name of Max Saidi. He would later become a full-time employee of ours but here he is on an early shoot, having to brave the snow. What is unusual about this photo is that the jacket Max is wearing is actually his own, he wears it most of the time and he has actually started a mini-trend in Dalston.




In 2010 we were involved in a documentary for the Macular Disease Society. It was a lengthy shoot with all corners of the UK visited, to get interviews and footage of people who are working on a cure, those with macular disease and the clinics that are caring for them. The documentary was introduced by Peter Sallis, of being an awesome man fame.





In late 2010 we shot a group discussion in a studio in Notting Hill. A multiple camera shoot that lasted well into the night. What is visible in this shot is that Max, by now a full-time employee, was displaying a very casual attitude to work.




In October 2010 we moved office at Pinewood Studios. The new Canyon was in need of a turtle revamp and we set to work at cleaning, building and painting a beautiful new base of operations. Stuart here is caught ‘half-jacket’, that is: the painting is only half done. He is using a trad method of painting but a mod method of protecting his clothes. Because he isn’t protecting his clothes at all.


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