Back in the summer of 2011 the Turtles piled into a 7 seater, slightly extended car and headed to Escot Park in Devon to shoot Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine’s live DVD. It would feature the duo’s blinding and deafening triumphant return to the UK Festival scene as they headlined Beautiful Days 2011.

Al has another life as a guitarist for “greatest band on the planet” The Indelicates. It was in this life that Al became friends with Jim and Les of Carter USM back in 2006 and it’s always nice when two lives can come together for the common good of all. Les first spoke with Al about producing a live DVD of their show at Brixton in November 2011. Problem was Brixton Academy’s fee for doing so effectively doubled any realistic budget for making the DVD, however Beautiful Days’ organizers were more than happy to accommodate us there so the decision was a no-brainer. Not to mention that this would mark Carter’s return to the festival stage for the first time since 1997.

“Shooting at a location like Brixton Academy has one or two challenges, but is effectively a fairly straightforward planning exercise” says director Alastair Clayton, “You get the whole day to set up, you can throw plenty of cameras at the action and they have useful ceilings to mount things from… outdoor festivals tend to be a little trickier, you get about 15 minutes to set up, and they are somewhat lacking in the ceiling department. Similarly, all crew at a festival ALSO have 15 minutes to set up for each band and that 15 minutes is a pretty stressful time and once the show starts, you have to capture the magic as best you can… at least it didn’t rain!”

The live DVD, filmed in High-Definition is now available as a limited edition release over at and features an Interview with JimBob and Fruitbat, as well as, of course, the full breathtaking set from the Beautiful Days festival.


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