A Photographic History of The Canyon PART 3

The photographic series continues with aplomb…



This particular shoot was a motion control, greenscreen shoot for a client who wanted to integrate live action actors with an animated background. The end result really was spectacular. Please read on, the descriptions get better.




By early 2011 Max had really settled in as a member of the Turtle team. It was his, and our intern Paul’s suggestion to host a “loose-leaf tea party”. With a budget in place the two of them purchased bunting, scones, biscuits and most importantly: loose-leaf tea. To say it was a success would be overstatement, to say it was an absolute delight would be statement.


Early 2011 saw production on our cult web-series “Becoming Batman” move into its third series. Here Chris Boyd and Amy Kwolek play out scene that probably involved Amy being teased for being short. What we should have done was teased Chris for that cardigan, or Ed for that hat.



Al, always scouring the internet for evidence of working hoverboards, really lucked out in the spring of 2011. A small firm had just mastered the technology and were looking for enthusiasts to trial out the first batch. Unfortunately there were some teething troubles: puddles cause problems, can’t wear anything metal and the disembark is tough. However, Al is steadfast in his belief that, although he may occasionally end up smashing his face into walls, it is worth it because he owns one of only five operational hoverboards in the world.



To say that Nick likes to dance is like saying a shark likes to swim. A shark doesn’t “like” to swim, it has to swim, or it dies. This is why we mostly film dances. Sometimes it’s just a two-person dance that Nick can finegle his way into. Mostly it’s a full show that Nick has got a part in. (NB: camera is pointing the wrong way).


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