The Top Turtle Tweets (1 of 3)

Twitter has changed the way the world communicates since it was launched in 2006: instrumental in the organisation of The Arab Spring, allowing “regular” people to chat with “celebrities” and leading to one person unknowingly live-tweet the operation that resulted in Osama bin-Laden being shot and killed. Here at Turtle Canyon Media we entered the world of Twitter soon after we established the business so that we could do regular updates about what we were working on, promote our newest videos and tease Nick. What follows is part one of three of the top tweets from our history.

Nick and Stu went to Budapest to film an event in June 2009 and whilst there they decided to set up a Turtle Canyon twitter. This photo is of some communist looking statue that had Nick enraptured and marked our first ever tweet.

For the next eight months the company tweeted irregularly but, as the above tweet bears testament to, Nick regularly tweeted his abstract thoughts. After one month of this Al and Stu knew it to not be an accurate representation of Turtle Canyon and began a campaign to get Nick his own personal account. Nick was strangely resistant to this and that’s why online followers of our company got “tweated” to classics like above.

Still distracted, and probably busy with actual work, we failed to tweet much as a company until we moved offices. It took a good month to get all equipment across and to repaint the entirety of the new offices but now, with four edit suites, kitchen, reception and meeting room, The Canyon was feeling like the natural habitat for some cheeky turtles.

A few days later and we took another step on our path of development. Our first full-time employee, Max, started.

This is probably one of the finest tweets ever written. The temperature in Shropshire was just above zero and Al had to film the installation of a roof. Soon after this shot was taken it started to rain: cold, mean, wet rain.

As a company we like to finish early for Christmas, so as to soak up the atmosphere and enjoy the festivities. To this day we haven’t managed to finish before Christmas Eve and so Stu, to make himself feel better, decided to construct this little cute fella for Al. He has instant coffee for hair, cardboard for arms and a twinkle in his eye that suggests he knows more than he’s letting on. It is a more accurate representation of Max than any photo of Max.


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