The Top Turtle Tweets (2 of 3)

After our inauspicious start on a new form of social media we really hit a rich vein of form. WARNING: what follows is likely to blow your mind.

We regularly have to film in less than perfect conditions: up on a roof in freezing conditions, in the middle of a thunder storm and in towers with no elevator to transport our kit to the top floor. Sometimes we are the architects of our own misery, most of the time this means Max got upset. He is a man who takes great delight in his bright, white trainers. His latest pair were brighter than ever and then he got hit with the news: he had to walk around in them on a sodden building site.

In celebration of our first employee we produced a series of ten online videos to advise the world as to how best to care for your employees. The culmination of the series saw Max murdered. Some people have unkindly suggested that this hadn’t happened too soon.

In July of 2011 we had a couple of work experience pupils. The second of which was Leah, someone Al & Stu had met six years previous on a project to make an HIV awareness film in Cape Town, South Africa. At the time Leah was eight years old, the grand-daughter of the project leader so it was with great excitement that she was welcomed to The Canyon and immediately put to work.

If you’re to go down to The Canyon today, you’re sure to be in for a surprise. Well, not now that you’ve seen that tweet. City mugs from every city we’ve worked in. Come by for a coffee and choose your mug!

Anna was the latest addition to The Canyon family. She has been an invaluable addition, ensuring the setting up of TCMUSA was as simple and effective as possible. She also introduced the ‘Monday Briefing’, a weekly company update email that Nick absolutely despises. Turtle Canyon Media is proud of the core of our team: each of us contributing different strengths to create a strong whole that can fulfil the needs of an entire production process. Anna is the cherry on the top of that production process, except that, instead of a cherry she’s a vital cog. Does that make sense?


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