Production Quibbles

At Turtle Canyon Media we do what we do because we genuinely love it. Each of us grew up loving films and wanting to make our own and now, in 2012, we get that opportunity every day. Sometimes a production can cause stress, that’s normal, and we are not immune to that. It is why, in our early days, we would send our production manager Amy a breakdown of all the things we weren’t completely happy with, once a shoot had finished. This was so that she could actively ensure that it would never happen again. What we present here are some of our favourite ‘quibbles’…

Amy after she received another 'quibble' email

PRODUCTION: Vienna Conference Shoot April 2009 (Nick and Al)

  • “Had to get up at 4am.”
  • “Taxi was 3 minutes late.”
  • “Driver was familiar.”
  • “Had to load own luggage.”
  • “Slightly wonky wheel on trolley.”
  • “Nearly empty plane. Save the planet.”
  • “Co-pilot went to toilet as Captain did announcement.”
  • “Man moved seats whilst seatbelt sign was on and got shouted at over the tannoy.”
  • “Bit warm.”
  • “Al drank Nick’s orange juice.”
  • “Milk wouldn’t open properly so nick squirted it across the aisle when he tried to put it in his tea.”
  • “Al had to open said milk with teeth which may or may not have damaged said teeth.”
  • “Cab driver had a furry seat.”
  • “Airport throwers broke tripod. Only discovered when setting up.”
  • “There was a strange man who thought he was important and wore a blue tooth earpiece with no sign of a phone.”
  • “Michael Clark as not in fact michael Clark Duncan as we had been led to believe.”
  • “Had to work when we got back.”

PRODUCTION: Liverpool Documentary Shoot May 2009 (Al and Stu)

  • “Stuart mentioned cruise control too often.”
  • “Possible dead kangaroo at early point of journey soured what would have been an otherwise excellent start to the journey.”
  • “Al had to drink from a tap.”
  • “Service station smelt of urine.”
  • “The International Inn goes for grandeur in name and can only disappoint in reality.”
  • “The International Inn is quite disappointing.”
  • “Have to share our 7 bed room with another man who is perfectly nice – don’t want to share a room with him though.”
  • “Get headache writing this list, am sure the sound of typing is irritating to others.”
  • “The wireless connection is slower than dial up.”
  • “The sound of Stuart typing was irritating.”
  • “At 7:10am a lady knocked at the door only to announce that it was 7:10am. This was arduous.”
  • “We assumed breakfast would be not too good.”
  • “Mervyn walked off.”
  • “Stuart was confused by which cathedral we were going to, Al didn’t realise he was so confused until he tried to park at the metropolitan cathedral. This was a thing that happened.”
  • “On arriving at the correct cathedral, we didn’t listen to merv’s instructions and paid for parking when we didn’t need to. Receipt included.”
  • “We unloaded all of our stuff into the wrong part of the building and then had to re-load again. This was Amy’s fault.”
  • “There was a green gate that Al had to open in the rain.”
  • “Hardly any expenses that we can claim back.”
  • “Today has played havoc with Stuart’s T-ZONE.”

PRODUCTION: Budapest Conference Shoot June 2009 (Nick and Stu)

  • “Taxi was not on time.”
  • “Taxi driver could not operate his own vehicle’s motorised doors meaning we could initially not enter and them not exit the cab. Car too clever.”
  • “Cinnamon swirl did not have anywhere near the optimal icing coverage.”
  • “Nick didn’t know what currency to ask for at exchange because he didn’t know the name.”
  • “Taxi took euros anyway. We had none.”
  • “Taxi driver didn’t go under 120kph or further than 2 metres away from the car in front. This was worrying.”
  • “Bit muggy.”
  • “Nick left water in taxi but remembered in time.”
  • “Apparently we should have been on the transfer bus to the hotel, not via taxi. This was embarrassing as Jan waited 45 minutes for us.”
  • “Structure of room seemed a little unsettling.”
  • “Couldn’t set up the night before, had to do it at 8am. Shooting starts at 230pm.”

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