The Top Turtle Tweets (3 of 3)

Our Turtle Twitter round-up reaches it’s mind-blowing conclusion…

In the run up to Christmas 2011 Al & Stu really got their candle on. What started as experimentation with a Yankee Candle has exploded into a real problem. Stu prefers a Wood Wick, Al stays true to the Yankee. There are no innocents in a fierce war like this and anyone who entered the Canyon, in the lead up to Christmas, was sure to be able to smell the battle on themselves for days afterwards. Nick still gets flashbacks to the day when Stuart had lit a new Wood Wick but still saw fit to light two low-grade scented candles that he had purchased at a difficult time. According to Stuart: “I would never normally buy that brand of candle but I just had to get something to tide me over until the Wood Wick arrived.” Sobering.

Al, Nick & Stu headed to New York to meet Victoria, our soon to be US Director. In amongst over-eating, over-spending and over-eating we managed to fit in some exciting meetings and really started to finalise plans for Turtle Canyon USA.

One of our favourite clients often takes us to the distant corners of the UK to film. One such trip involved three overnight stays during one of the coldest spells of the year. Regular Twitter updates kept everyone updated as to the Ice Tour 2011.

Over a year after Max gave us the incredible idea that bullying him could be funny we finally start production on the long-mooted Max sitcom. It will be the centrepiece for Turtle Canyon Media’s expansion into the TV comedy arena. The episode was shot with our traditional semi-improvisational style and saw Max overcome his worries about acting. He passes, with flying turtles. This scene features comedy stars Richard Rycroft and James Acaster.

In an attempt to get some sneaky Twitter publicity we started this hashtag game. It was a reasonable success, in the sense that around 30 different people contributed to the game, most unrelated to Turtle Canyon Media. It was an absolute failure in the sense that no-one realised we started it, what we do and that we have a Twitter account. Except for one person who thought we were a spam account, they were right, in a way.


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