Wheels – a short film

Turtle Canyon Media was formed with the objective of utilising the skills that Al, Stu and Nick have to produce creative films that benefit from their original approach. “Wheels”, a new short film produced and cut by the Turtles is one such project.


In the early summer of 2011, David was meeting with Alastair Clayton, Nick Long and Stuart Laws of Turtle Canyon Media about working together on a short film project that Dave had been mulling over for a while. That idea would become wheels, a simple but powerful story inspired and made possible by David’s close friendship with lead actor Jamie Beddard. The challenge, as with so many short projects today was to put together a professional, quality film on a budget of literally nothing. Luckily for David… he has a network of good friends and talented people who would soon jump at the chance to be involved with this exciting project.


Shooting on location with the Sony PMW-F3, a small cast and no budget. One sunny day at the end of August Al & Nick, crew in tow, arrived in Islington, London to film the short film written by Dave Begg. It was a long day for all involved but for none more so than Jamie Beddard who spent 11 hours pushing his own wheelchair up and down stairs, across streets, through parks, neighbourhoods and the occasional patch of canine excrement.

“The script called for two long scenes of someone walking,” said Director of Photography Alastair Clayton, “so it was our job to find shots that would both help to tell the story and be interesting to hold an audience’s attention. Luckily, Jamie (lead actor) was very patient and was happy to lug a wheelchair around with him for most of the day.”

“As soon as we had gotten all the shots we needed of the journey segment of the film I had to co-ordinate getting the cast and crew over to a local pub to film two dialogue scenes,” explained producer Nick Long, “scenes that had the potential to be quite time consuming.”

The shoot wrapped out of necessity as the light began to die away with a cast and crew confident that they had some great footage in the can.


Luckily the scenes were completed and the shoot wrapped well within time. The film then headed off for the next stage: editing. Dave Begg was keen to be involved as much as possible throughout the process and joined Stu on several occasions to tweak and refine the films key scenes.

“It was fairly straight-forward to get together a basic edit,” said editor Stuart Laws, “thanks to the quality of what I had to work with. The difficulty was in getting the tiny details right. I’ve now coined the term “A Begg”, which is about 6 frames, because of the amount of times a shot would be shortened, then lengthened and then shortened slightly less. David and I still talk but only through a mediator.”

Since September, we have been working hard on post-production for Wheels and alongside Pinewood Studios Post Production have finally finished a great film and a labour of love for Director David. Now, to the festivals!

To find out more about ‘Wheels’ please visit our mini-site at www.turtlecanyonmedia.com/wheels for the latest updates.


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