Maximum Impact

In 2010 we took on our first ever full-time employee, his name was Max and we were very proud of him. Now, in 2012, he has swam free of The Canyon and has set up his own business at He wrote the following about his time with The Turtles…

I’m not great at writing blogs and what not, so bear with me. I’m drummer, I just hit things.

I started working for Turtle Canyon Media back in 2010, originally on a freelance basis and soon enough was hired full time and am now working on a freelance basis once more. Working for TCM certainly (without sounding cheesy) felt like being part of a family. Between Monday to Friday, no day would ever start the same as another – one Monday morning I was greeted with a rather real looking gun placed on my desk; another, a advent calendar bought for me.

Being under the watchful eye of 3 bosses(!) wasn’t as daunting as it sounds. A real friendship between everyone was formed so quickly and still to this day remains. I’d hear friends of mine talking about their bosses and how they couldn’t stand them, I mean, no one is really supposed to LIKE their boss – I did, all 3 of them.

I’ve seen more Premier Inns than you could imagine. I’ve seen so many parts of the UK that my friends will probably never see! Doesn’t sound like much, but when you’re working and genuinely enjoying yourself and loving spending the time with the people you’re with, you can’t get much better than that. I remember specifically a trip to Northern Ireland with Al, despite not much to be seen in Northern Ireland, and a quick trip there and back in under 24 hours it remains to be the best work trip I’ve ever done… this maybe because of the dessert.

Even after leaving The Canyon, I still see these guys on a regular basis, sometimes for work but even better as friends. They’ve helped me get my online business up and running – not many companies would be interested in helping an ex-employee after they’ve left but they have gone out of their way to do everything for me. I owe them – and that’s why I’m currently designing their new website for them.

This blog has only scraped the surface of what I experienced at TCM, along with the opportunities it has brought along the way. Hell, I haven’t even touched on the fact that they are now producing a sitcom about me and starring me… I really hope they don’t realise I can’t act.

I wasn’t paid to write such a positive blog about these guys, I mean every word of it and I’ll make sure I never lose touch with these people. True friendships have formed and may they continue for years to come.


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