Turtle Canyon Comedy

As part of the grand expansion plans here at The Canyon we are now the proud owners of a “sub-division” called Turtle Canyon Comedy. If you do want more information about our grand plans then please, carry on reading. If you don’t want any further information then open a new tab and search for “sloths in pyjamas”. It’s very much worth it.

Turtle Canyon Media, a film and TV production company with offices at Pinewood Studios in the UK and Seattle in the US, today announced the launch of Turtle Canyon Comedy – a subdivision dedicated to developing comedy programmes, sketches and films for television and theatrical release, as well as online.

Director and head of development at Turtle Canyon: “With Turtle Canyon Comedy, we want to provide the best up-and-coming writers and performers with a real platform to develop their projects. The comedians we work with can expect something different from Turtle Canyon Comedy, primarily because everyone who works at Turtle Canyon also writes and performs. We understand artists and we trust their vision. Our aim is to provide a way for them to demonstrate what makes them funny and unique as individuals, without imposing limitations that hamper their creativity.”


Turtle Canyon Comedy is currently working with some of the best new and established talent on the UK comedy scene and already has a number of projects in production and pre-production. The Human Resource is a sitcom pilot about a young man who is hired to work for three bosses who seem unaware that their management style and business sense is the reason why they’re about to go bankrupt. It stars James Acaster, Ben Target and Richard Rycroft. Overactive Solutions is a sketch show disguised as the poorly produced training video for an ominous multinational company and features Nick Helm, Isabel Fay and Sarah & Lizzie Daykin (acclaimed sketch act ‘Toby’). Apocalypso! – The Radio Adventure is a radio sitcom based on the live double act of two naïve men from the year 2042 who discover a time machine and travel back to 2012 to warn of the coming apocalypse.

Turtle Canyon Comedy, through its ‘Hatchlings’ online initiative, will also produce regular, topical sketches as and when trends or news dictates. The Turtle Canyon team has a history of creating successful online videos: in 2010 they created a Release the Kraken video that went viral, was written about in the New York Times and featured on a US late night chat show that was interviewing Liam Neeson about the film the video was referencing; Becoming Batman is a webseries that was promoted by YouTube and was reported every week in the local newspaper. Now, 22 episodes later, it has enjoyed worldwide acclaim and almost 300,000 views. A third series is currently in production and is sure to gain further praise for the combination of accessible humour, quickfire dialogue and subtle references to Batman, pop culture and films in general. The most recent production, a comedy sketch about the iPhone game Draw Something has been featured in TimeOut’s top videos of the week.

There are also multiple short films in production and scripts in development and we’ll provide more information on these exciting new projects in due course. For more information about Turtle Canyon Comedy please contact Stuart Laws on stu@turtlecanyonmedia.com or 07725033729.





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