A Photographic History of The Canyon PART 4

The photographic series continues after a break of magnitude but not in (magnitude)…


When you spend all day inside, editing films in dark rooms and developing a growing fear of sunshine it is important to drag yourself out of that way of thinking. When you’ve got a massive whiteboard and haven’t yet hung it anywhere in your office then you might as well drag it outside. Which is exactly what Stuart did one day in an attempt to solve plot issues with the Turtles’ first feature film “Reunion”. When this new way of working eventually proved fruitless Stuart did what all creative people should do and got someone else to help him. That solved all the plot, character, tone and narrative issues.


In his spare time Al is a member of The Indelicates, a band who have been refusing to stop since 2005. As part of the relationship between Turtle Canyon and The Indelicates we have produced music videos for them throughout their history. This has led to us filming “protest protests” through the streets of Camden, period dramas in Denham, Taxi Driver homages, horror fantasies and then this: the birth of a cult that would culminate in a 51 day siege and 75 casualties. For clarity we should point out that we weren’t responsible for that, rather we were responsible for production of a music video for David Koresh: Superstar – a rock opera that culminates in the tragic Waco siege.


Max was a regular at our office for a short while. His time here was cherished. This poster is one reason why he was so cherished and why we are still lucky to have him as part of the creative team at Turtle Canyon Media. He has an obsession with creating POS (point of sale) artwork and displays, this being one of his finest. Anyone who visits The Canyon may be aware that we have a policy on liquids, with no more than 100ml being allowed into The Canyon from outside. This is because Max learnt the word ‘municipal’, pronounced it ‘munincipal’ and proceeded to declare that The Canyon was now a munincipal airport that he was running. Max doesn’t just stop at creating fantasy worlds in his head, he creates POS. So, please feel free to visit The Canyon and witness some of Max’s finest POS currently being displayed above our coffee machine.


Work for Turtle Canyon is always varied and the excitement we get from that is one factor driving us forward to create stylish, original and entertaining films. One week we may be filming a series of interviews with some leading academics, the next week we’ll be shivering in a field trying to get the perfect shot of a new product launch. In January 2012 we got to camp out at Teddington Studios to film a series of videos featuring an artist, her canvas and her riverside apartment. Well, her fake riverside apartment.


Recently we have been tidying the office and clearing out cupboards and re-painting walls and all sorts of tasks to keep The Canyon looking ship-shape. It was while this was all happening that we stumbled upon the real truth of Turtle Canyon Media. Whenever we meet someone new it isn’t long before they ask us: “How did you come up with the name?”. The reality is that none of us actually knew and that troubled us. How could we not know how our own company was named? When we stumbled upon the secret we scarcely believed it ourselves so we fear that the truth may just be a little too intense for the general public. If you want to find out the truth then click here and search for the secret webpage. The truth is in there.


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