BBOWT – The College Lake Story

Back in 2010 Turtle Canyon Media were privileged enough to be able to work with the Berks, Bucks & Oxon Wildlife Trust, an organisation devoted to protecting wildlife and enhancing iconic landscapes. Today we focus on one of the projects we worked on: The College Lake Story.

Once a chalk quarry, College Lake is now one of BBOWT’s flagship nature reserves and home to over 1,000 different wildlife species. The work of a dedicated team of volunteers has resulted in what is considered to be one of the best places in Buckinghamshire to view water birds, with eleven bird hides and huge variety of species to view.

Turtle Canyon were asked to make a documentary to tell College Lake’s story, from its genesis right through to opening its doors to the public. Al, Stuart and Nick were to spend the day interviewing those responsible for making the project a reality and getting some spectacular shots of the beautiful reserve. Whilst Al and Nick set about finding the perfect locations for each interview Stuart ventured off around the Wildlife Walk and got back to nature.

For six hours he got to explore the undergrowth, spend time trying to capture close ups of the delicate butterflies and camp out in the various bird hides – securing footage of the many species. Meanwhile, Al and Nick were conducting a range of interviews to get the full story of such a wonderful place. This culminated in meeting Graham Atkins, the man who had the original idea to turn a chalk quarry into a thriving nature reserve.

Nick counts the shoot as one of his favourites, saying: “It was great to get out of the office and spend a nice day in the countryside, meeting and interviewing some wonderful people about what is a really beautiful place to visit.”

Athene Reiss, of BBOWT, reflected on working with The Turtles: “Stuart and his team produced an informative and inspiring video for us. They were professional, calm and a pleasure to work with.”

To find out more about College Lake, or to plan a visit, see the BBOWT website for more.


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