Down The Rabbit Hole: 24 Hours in YouTube

Turtle Canyon Comedy are proud to announce a new live comedy project that will incorporate social media, film, live performance, a 24 hour challenge and the potential to raise plenty of money for charity…

At 10pm, on June 15th, Matt Sandford and Stuart Laws will embark on a monumental challenge for charity – spending 24 hours watching YouTube videos, to find out how many weird, wonderful and amazing videos they can watch on the website that has changed how the world sees itself. No naps allowed.

Any video hosted on YouTube may be viewed during the 24-hour period. They’ll start with YouTube classics and personal favourites, then click through to related videos, promoted videos and suggestions from the public. A live broadcast of Matt and Stu’s efforts will be streamed over the internet and members of the public can interact with Matt and Stu via the live stream and a Twitter hashtag. The public can then provide video suggestions, give comments, offer encouragement and almost inevitably: hurl abuse.

Stuart explained the idea: “I’m a big fan of YouTube and frequently Matt and myself will wreck a social situation by insisting that everyone settles down to watch a new video that we’ve been amazed by.”

Matt explains further: “One day I found myself, alone, watching a video of a topless man putting fat worms on his chest and I realised I had made some very odd choices to end up in that position with my life. I wondered if there was a better way to use my incredible ability to trawl through YouTube for hours on end and not get bored.”

Matt and Stu will comment, collate and categorise the films during the 24-hour period and this data will provide the basis for an hour-long live comedy show to be performed during the autumn of 2012 in London. The live show will feature stand up comedy by Matt and Stu as they attempt to explain what they experienced and their thoughts on the project, footage from the live broadcast, YouTube videos, audience interaction and a special guest interview.

The whole challenge and project is in aid of Pancreatic Cancer Action, a UK charity focusing on early diagnosis so that survival rates can improve. Pancreatic cancer is one of the most underfunded but most deadly forms of cancer, with survival rates of 3% not changing in the past forty years. Stuart was heavily involved in the very first pancreatic cancer awareness week in the UK in 2009 with the production of a documentary, The Silent Cancer, that was broadcast nationwide throughout the awareness week.

Ali Stunt, pancreatic cancer survivor & CEO of Pancreatic Cancer Action has this to say:

“Too many people are diagnosed too late. We need to change the numbers for pancreatic cancer by making more people aware of the symptoms and to understand the risks. Simply, we need more people diagnosed in time for surgery – currently the only potential for a cure.”

Stuart explained more: “Because I’m not built to run marathons, I’m built for sitting down for 24 hours straight, and as YouTube itself is a great way to raise awareness of causes, we thought it would be the perfect setting for a new type of charity challenge.”

Further information and relevant links:

“Down The Rabbit Hole: 24 Hours in YouTube” by Matt Sandford and Stuart Laws

Managed and promoted by Turtle Canyon Comedy:

Pancreatic Cancer Action:

Charity donation page:

YouTube Channel:

24 hours live broadcast:

Twitter hashtag: #24hoursinYouTube

Email: therabbitholeshow(at)


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