8 Simple Reasons Why I Love Seattle (even though it rains a lot here)

Turtle Canyon Media USA was set up in Seattle 4 months ago now and we felt it was time for the General Manager, Victoria Ramon, to let us know how it’s going…

8 SIMPLE REASONS WHY I LOVE SEATTLE (even though it rains a lot here)

Since moving to Seattle in early February, I have had the chance to familiarize myself with all the cliches about the city firsthand. At the four month mark, I began to wonder if all the commentary (especially on the weather) was really necessary when three days ago, I awoke to rain after a week straight of sun, headed to work, and not too long into the drive, nearly skidded off the road while driving through a puddle.

After that close call, I decided to take a (slow) drive up to Shoreline – about twenty minutes outside of downtown Seattle – to get new tires for my car. While waiting for the mechanic, I sat down to be entertained by my phone when I happened upon an article on Facebook. The article, shared by NPR, was titled: “8 simple rules for staying sane in Seattle (now the rain is back)”, and it entertained me for half the time I was there.

The other half was spent writing this.

Take a look at the article here: 8 simple rules for staying sane in Seattle (now the rain is back)
(You know what drives me insane? The fact that no one seems to know how to write a proper title anymore.)

Since I’m not above poking fun at my new home or the cliches that pertain to it, here is some commentary on the aforementioned commentary pertaining to Seattle and why I think the city is (almost) perfect for me.

1. Don’t move here in the summer.

I think it’s a good thing that I arrived right in the middle of the dreary season. Because of this, my love for the place isn’t dramatically intertwined with those sunny summer days. Instead, I learned to love Seattle despite or maybe even for this flaw and I definitely appreciate the sun more.  

For one thing, the grass is always green here. ALWAYS. Coming from Maine where the grass often goes brown by mid summer and does not recover until the beginning of the next, this continues to fascinate me at an embarrassing level.

Flowers in February. February!

2. Avoid your neighbors.

Ever hear of the Seattle Freeze? Neither had I until a week after moving here. Supposedly Seattleites are famous for it. We’re the kings and queens of not following through on get togethers. The Brads and Angelinas of canceling dinner plans. The Avengers of… well, you get the point.

I don’t have a problem with this. As someone that meets up with people regularly during the week because of my line of work, I take comfort in knowing that someone likes me enough to want to make weekend plans, but that I’ll likely get to relax on my own once they cancel later.

The thing is, the Seattle Freeze seems more like a myth to me. I’ve probably already spent more time doing fun things with people here in the last four months than I have in the three years I spent in New York City. I like that too. I’ve even become a soccer/football fan/supporter, the Sounders games are a lot of fun…

3. You can’t be too utopian.

Seattleites love big ideas almost as much as they love complaining about them not coming to fruition. Want to make a new friend here? Start by making fun of the monorail. I can think of a number of great conversations and new friendships I’ve started this way. Just whatever you do, don’t mention Dale Chihuly’s “Glass House” unless you want to alienate yourself.

You know what’s great though? I just learned about this: New To The Seattle Waterfront

Yeah, that’s right, Turtle Canyon Media will only have offices in cities with giant Ferris Wheels.

4. Cultivate a superior attitude.

I like that Seattle is the home to so many startups that made it big; it’s encouraging rather than daunting. New ideas are very important here and almost everyone wants to offer a helping hand in making them grow. Turtle Canyon Media has already had the chance to work with some great people and businesses here.

As for being stuck up, I don’t agree. The people here realize they have stiff competition with LA and NYC in the superiority category but are happy with the reality that Seattle is far better than Portland, Oregon. I think that’s a respectable stance…

Don’t even get me started on Bellevue, Tacoma, or Tukwila.

Sorry Portlandia, I like the Pike Place Market sign better!

5. Forget the weather report.

I’m from Maine originally and I lived in NYC for three years. I learned to not pay attention to the weather report a long time ago and to never carry an umbrella in a city. Tell me something I don’t already know. Never mind the umbrella battle. Save the earth and some money: a hood will do the trick.

 img src: http://zorabening.wordpress.com/)

6. Don’t buy summer or winter clothes.

Sounds like a good deal to me. In Seattle the temperature rarely goes above 80 degrees or below 40 degrees (see proof here). Since 60 degrees is my favorite temperature and it’s smack dab in the middle of this range, I’m one happy camper that doesn’t mind layering.

The knit cap to complete your NW ensemble.

7. Don’t think about the Big One.

Here’s where you get me. Seattle sounded perfect right up until here, right? What is the “Big One”, you ask? The Big One is the megaquake that’s supposed to hit here tomorrow or after the sun dies. No one really knows. All we do know is that about 900 years ago, a quake happened on a fault line, discovered in the 90’s, that currently runs under the downtown area. When it happened, it caused landslides and a tsunami that decimated the place and its native people.

I also found out last week that Seattle has black widows, brown recluse spiders, and that’s it, I’m moving again.

What makes this even more worrying for me is that I work from a place that may be particularly dangerous during a megaquake (as if anywhere wouldn’t be). The 75th floor of the Columbia Tower will give me a spectacular view of the end of Seattle. For now though I’ll content myself with being able to see up to five volcanoes from the top floor on a nice day.

8. Peek through the Cascade Curtain.

If I ever start to go insane because of this place, there’s the promise of desert, rattlesnakes, and Republicans on the other side of the Cascade Mountains. I don’t think a road trip will be happening for me any time soon though, even with these new tires.There’s a simple reason why I’m not interested in climbing back in my car and heading out of state any time soon…

When Turtle Canyon Media decided we would have our first US office based in Seattle, I took an eight day drive to get there from Maine. On the way, I saw plenty of desert and Republicans. Luckily I missed out on the rattlesnakes.

Here’s some footage of the trip we put together…


One response to “8 Simple Reasons Why I Love Seattle (even though it rains a lot here)

  1. Seattle is heaven to me. A gentle climate, incredible scenery, educated and motivated people. Coming back home to Washington is pure heaven after existing in Amarillo, Texas for two god-awful years. Living in a filthy toilet like Texas makes me appreciate my home here even more.

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