NUT – Fairer Futures Equality Officers

A look back at another project we are very proud to have been a part of, this time some work with the National Union of Teachers.


Back in early 2010 the Turtles found themselves traveling around the UK to meet a host of individuals who are bringing about real change in the modern workplace. The NUT set up the Fairer Futures Project after receiving two year funding from the Government’s Union Modernisation Fund. The aim of the project was to generate greater involvement and participation of members in the Union’s local structures by encouraging members to become active equal opportunities officers.

For Turtle Canyon Media it was a chance to learn about the excellent work of the National Union of Teachers, alongside creating a video that effectively presents the key issues of equality as well as introducing people to the inspiring equality officers. The production itself was a combination of visiting the equality officers in their local area, along with filming at a Fairer Futures conference in London.

A meticulously planned shooting schedule meant our three person crew could complete the filming in three days and cover over 2000 miles, before handing the footage over to the Turtle post-production team for editing. A combination of bold, yet simple graphics, a recurring visual motif and voiceover by Amy Kwolek created a great film for what was a very successful project. A project that the Turtles are proud to have been associated with.

The National Union of Teachers website –


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