The Turtle Canyon Weekly Podcast

Turtle Canyon Media deal in a very visual medium, it’s vital for us to express the ideas of our clients with striking, relevant and beautiful imagery. It is audio that completes the package and great sound design will elevate even the most beautiful images to another level. Here at The Canyon we have just started a new podcast, an audio format, to get people to talk about things that they have seen. Alastair Clayton answers some questions you’ll inevitably have…

What is this Watching Things podcast?

Watching Things is a simple idea, a weekly audio programme hosted by Turtle Canyon Media’s Alastair Clayton and Stuart Laws that discusses things we have seen. This is open to interpretation and incorporates different contributors each week. Already topics have been as varied as inflatable hot tubs, pizza, the coalition government and Batman.

What gave you the inspiration?

I liked the idea that through discussion and gentle banter, you could tell the world about the things you may have seen but through a medium that presented no visual stimulus at all, it’s all about the descriptions and the chemistry between guests. Also the idea that it could go anywhere, nothing is scripted and we don’t know what we will be speaking of beforehand, if it’s something you’ve seen, it can go in the show.

Why would it be interesting to anyone else?

Partly because it should hopefully open people’s thoughts to new experiences, or new ideas. Partly because it will resonate with what the listener is “watching” in every day life as well. Partly because sometimes it is interesting to just listen to people’s experiences, without being bombarded with too much opinion or rhetoric. We communicate and learn by exploring other people’s experiences and this goes someway to do that, whilst leaving everything the guests may have seen open to interpretation.

What type of guests have you got lined up?

Our guests will hopefully grow organically from our immediate circle and outward, starting with the directors of Turtle Canyon Media and moving out to collaborators in the comedy and entertainment world, family members, friends and on it goes. Theoretically anyone can do a guest spot! If you’ve seen something that interested you, come in and let us know!

To listen to Watching Things either visit the podcast page at or subscribe on iTunes.


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