Overactive Solutions – Sketch Show Pilot

Turtle Canyon Comedy was officially established a few months ago and we have been incredibly busy developing new projects, writing sitcoms and producing online content. One such project was a collaboration between the writers David Bussell, Stuart Laws and Matthew Stott

OVERACTIVE SOLUTIONS is a sketch show in disguise. Episodes are presented as a series of training modules for a large, faceless corporation called “Overactive Solutions‟. Produced by Matthew Stott and David Bussell and directed by Stuart Laws.

The pilot features fresh, up and coming comedy names such as Isabel Fay, Nick Helm and Chris Boyd from BBC3’s Live at The Electric, as well as Sarah and Lizzie Daykin, from the lauded female sketch duo ‘Toby’. Have a watch of an abridged version here:

Over the past week the official website for the faceless corporation has gone live and has attracted praise across the internet for the unique website and the various extracts from the sketch show. In fact, both Graham Linehan, Peter Serafinowicz and Andrew Ellard have praised the sketch show pilot and passed on news to their fans.

Official Overactive Solutions Company Website

The next few weeks will be spent attempting to get the sketch show seen by the relevant TV commissioners and moving the project onto the next stage of development. We’ll follow up this introductory blog with a more in-depth rundown of the genesis, production and completion of the sketch show: ‘Overactive Solutions’.

(Please pass on the links to the videos and the website to anyone you think will find it funny, especially if they control all of TV’s comedy money. Thanks!)

All inquiries please email stu@turtlecanyonmedia.com

Photo by Chris Clark


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