As some of you may know, Producers normally have some amazing things squirreled away from various projects they’ve worked on in the past. Famous producers archives that spring to mind include those of Jerry Bruckheimer and George Lucas.

Every so often, a select few of these items are dusted off an put on display for people, who in turn consume them completely, hoping to discover some hidden gem about a film or production that was otherwise unknown until now.

Well, I can’t claim to have an archive like Bruckheimer or (god forbid) Lucas, but I can share with you some delightful little snippets and out-of-context photos from my archive.


The Turtle Who Never Was.

In February 2009, after weeks of brainstorming and sleepless nights, we’d settled on a name for our company. The next thing was a logo. Our current typeface and identity was actually created by my now wife, but before all that happened, someone else had a go and this was almost it:


Even Superheroes Sometimes Drive Themselves

One of my favourite photos that I snapped was again from February 2009. During filming for our second series of Becoming Batman (named Being Batman of course) YouTube Link

The biggest complaint from Batman was the lack of peripheral vision his costume gave him.


Try This On For Size

Amy was once a Production Assistant for us (and also plays Selina in the previously mentioned Becoming Batman).  In June of 2009, Myself and Al were flying off to Switzerland for a shoot. We hired a steadicam to give the shoot a dynamic look and feel. As it happens, it was never used, but it was quite easy to transport in a perfectly normal sized backpack.


Always Gets The Shot

No matter what he’s filming, Al will go to great lengths to always get THE shot. Nothing will distract him. It’s like some kind of illness/amazing skill that he has. He doesn’t even have to be looking through the viewfinder to get it, as we can see from this picture taken whilst filming a rehearsal of David Bedella’s one man show in February 2009


Book Club

Another picture here of Al reading his choice at Book Club. Again, from February 2009.


SO Excited…

Finishing up this little post from my archives is a picture of Stuart from Budapest taken in June 2009. Here at TCM, we live by the old adage: “Work Hard, Play Hard” as you can see from the excitement on Stu’s face when we discovered this hidden cave of joy in our hotel basement:




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