Top Edinburgh Comedy Shows 2012

The Edinburgh Fringe is the biggest event in the UK stand-up comedy calender and a chance to see a huge range of fantastic shows. The Turtles will even have a presence because from the 19th – 25th August with The Turtle Canyon Comedy Collective. It’s a PBH Free Fringe show featuring some of the fantastic acts we’ve had the pleasure of working with in our short history. What follows is what we think are ten shows that you have to check out if you’re heading to Edinburgh.

James Acaster – Prompt

One of the best storytellers on the circuit and having seen his previews we can tell you that this show is one of the funniest, most engaging shows around. There’s one part of the show that will not leave your head for weeks, such is its brilliance.

David Trent – Spontaneous Comedian

David Trent is a phenomenon & he changes lives. His combination of projector & personality creates a genuinely unique and hilarious show that will be what people are talking about all over the Fringe.

Celia Pacquola – Delayed

Smart, warm and very funny. An hour in her company will be an absolute pleasure and this show will, no doubt, be one of the highlights of the Fringe. Celia also boasts the funniest routine about freaking out air stewards you’ll ever see.

Daniel Simonsen – Champions

Daniel has recently gone viral following his performances on British TV and it’s for a very good reason: he’s hilarious. We’ve seen this show already & it’s a wonderful journey into the mind of a Norwegian South American with social anxieties.

The Two O’Clock Show

Anna Freyberg, David Hannant and Chris Boyd are probably the best line up you’ll find on the PBH Free Fringe. They are independently very funny but when popped on the same bill you won’t get a better start to your comedy day.

Ben Target – Discover Ben Target

An ethereal presence who isn’t above penis jokes? Ben is another of those acts that will have people urging their friends to go see because his show is a real experience: funny, surprising and involving. Saying much more would be to give away too much, just go see him.

Harriet Kemsley

Recently recommended by Rhod Gilbert and winner of multiple competitions, Harriet is a new but already established, top-quality stand-up. She plays with the audience expectation of a sweet but naive person to deliver some really big laughs.

Nick Helm – This Means War!

Firmly established as a Fringe favourite following a Best Show nomination & his TV appearances last year, Nick Helm is back with his biggest, and probably funniest, show yet. You will get shouted at, you will get wet, you will watch one of the best shows of the year.

Matthew Highton’s End of The Road

Any show by Matthew Highton is a journey, an escape to a very slightly different reality. Intricately plotted, unexpected references and, most importantly, superb jokes come together to form a show that, like a Christopher Nolan film. you’ll immediately want to see again.

Rachel Parris

Rachel is naturally funny, a great improviser and a talented musician. She puts these skills together to create a comedy set that is funny, toe-tapping and very smart. The songs are great, the jokes even better.

Details of Turtle Canyon Comedy’s live show at the Edinburgh Fringe can be found at (line ups to be announced soon but featuring most of our recommended acts).

If we’d done a list of twelve shows we’d have definitely added Jay Cowle and David Bussell to this list. They’re also great, but won’t be doing their shows in the last week, when we are there, so we can’t see their shows this year.

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