The Castleview Family Tree Film

This week Al tells us a little more about a recent project we produced that held a real emotional connection for us at Turtle Canyon Media…

Back in 2002 I got a call from my primary school headteacher out of the blue. He asked whether, with my interest and developing expertise in digital film making, I would be interested in producing a documentary at his school. Naturally I jumped at the chance as I was, at this point, working as a freelance runner and basically ‘up for anything’. This opportunity led me to consider starting a business in film and video production and there was no one I’d consider starting it with more than Stuart Laws. Luckily for me, all it took was a brief phone call to get him not to go to University and take a gamble and soon our business was born.

The film was a success for all involved and 10 years later we have just finished a brand new, 20 minute film for that very same Headteacher, Mr. Italo Cafolla, this time a film he commissioned as a leaving gift to that very same school.

It has been an honour working with Italo over the last 10 years and indeed the last 4 weeks putting this film together on a very tight deadline before the end of term, with shooting finishing 2 days before the locked edit, culminating in the printing of 650 DVDs for him to give as gifts to everyone at the school on his last day as Head.

We at Turtle Canyon Media wish Italo all the very best in whatever he gets up to next and are very pleased to have been a part of this exciting and emotional time for him and the school.



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