Chubby Bunny – Short Film

Chubby Bunny is a dark, comic short film from Turtle Canyon Films and is currently touring the festival circuit. Here is the lowdown on the film and details of where it’s screening next…


“John & Jane, from youth club, arrive at Eric & Martha’s home to break some news about a recent game of Chubby Bunny…”

Whilst visiting the Seattle branch of Turtle Canyon in April, Stuart Laws adapted an idea, which started life in a friend’s stand-up routine, into a nine minute short film. On June 9th the two location shoot was scheduled to be completed in under 7 hours. By August the final edit, grade and sound mix was locked and the festival submission process began. Early September saw the first festival acceptance and October 27th was the world premiere of the short, back-comedy film from Turtle Canyon Media.

We were incredibly lucky to get such a superb cast for the film with experienced stage and television actors Will Barton and Cate Hamer putting across wonderfully dark and emotional performances and rising comedy star Sarah Daykin excelling with a delicate comic performance. It is the performances of the young stars that really sells the film, from the fantastic cast of extras who we had on location for less than an hour to the stand-outs that are Cara and Bryn Barton. Both put in performances beyond their years and completely sell the reality of the film.

Finally, before further details about the film, and screenings, a big shout out to Anton McCrae for his cinematography work. To find out more about his work, the film and whether or not this is an ego project for Stuart, please take a look at the Chubby Bunny EPK here.


On April 6th Chubby Bunny will be screened in the LA Comedy Shorts Film Festival.

April 10th sees it play in East London.

In May the Seattle True Independent Film Festival will be introducing Turtle Canyon’s second home to Chubby Bunny.

For further details about the screenings and future updates, please like Chubby Bunny on Facebook.


Chubby Bunny received it’s USA premiere at the Friars Club Film Festival in New York on October 27th and UK premiere on January 4th at the London Short Film Festival. On March 1oth Chubby Bunny screened on the final night of the prestigious Chicago Underground Film Festival and was then presented to the wonderful audience at Brainwrap Comedy Cinema on March 25th.

Turtle Canyon Films is a dedicated film production division of award-winning production company, Turtle Canyon Media.

Our goal is to produce shorts, features and documentaries of the highest quality, working in collaboration with the best writers, directors and actors that we know or are yet to meet.


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