Turtle Canyon Comedy Collaborations

Turtle Canyon Comedy was set up with the express purpose of “providing artists a way for them to demonstrate what makes them funny and unique as individuals, without imposing limitations that hamper their creativity.” We work with people we like, and find funny, and trust them to create something we’re all proud of. Here’s a run down of a couple of productions that we’ve made in the first six months of existence…


The Thinking Shower is an online presence for comedy shorts that don’t just want to make you laugh, they want to creep you out and make you want to sleep with the light on. And laugh. The first two episodes are from the mind of Matthew Highton and are perfect examples of realising a creative vision and letting an audience gravitate towards it. Legend has it that the harmony of thought between Highton and Turtle Canyon Comedy is so successful that the script for ‘The Guest’ was just a postscript in an email; he just trusted that that would be enough to get the short made.

He was right:

The Thinking Shower Playlist



The Mike & Jen show, the Seattle based comedy web series debuted on October 3rd with its first episode, titled “The Roommate”. The series follows two roommates as they attempt to craft their own weekly podcast. Each episode starts with good intentions but quickly falls apart as their ideals about living situations, hygiene, and the homeless clash.

The Mike & Jen show was created by Gregory Harbin and stars Devin Badoo (The Humor Program) and Victoria Ramon.

The Mike & Jen Show Season 1 Playlist

To find out more about Turtle Canyon Comedy and our upcoming productions, please visit www.turtlecanyoncomedy.com or follow us on Twitter @TurtleCanyonCom.


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