Turtle Canyon Films – Wheels Update

Last weekend our short film “Wheels” was shown at two festivals; in Austin, TX at the “Cinema Touching Disability” festival and in Tacoma, WA at the “Tacoma International Film Festival”.

Being rather based in the UK, the core team were unable to attend either of these great events but while we slept we received the fantastic news that in Austin we had received the Best Emerging Film award and Audience Favourite for our little film. It is a humbling and exciting experience to win any award and gives us all, we feel, a validation that we have produced something that other people see value in and can take something away from.

Meanwhile in Tacoma, US company director Victoria Ramon headed over to see Wheels on the big screen and field some questions from the audience there. She had this to say:

“Tacoma Film Festival was a wonderful discovery. Having never been to Tacoma, I was excited to take the chance to visit and represent Turtle Canyon Media for the screening of our film Wheels at the Grand Cinema.

Wheels screened before the film Dead Dad. The theater was small, probably fit no more that 150 people and about 60 were there. There was a lovely atmosphere.

Dead Dad is a meditation on how the younger generation deals with death with many moments of dark humor sprinkled in. It was beautifully shot and fun to watch because a lot of the dialogue was improvised. I was honored to have Wheels screen along with this film.

Everyone in the audience cheered after the two films were introduced and all watched attentively as Wheels played. I sat in the back behind them and it was lovely to watch as they giggled at the amusing situations our character “Colin” encounters as he rolls his wheelchair through the streets of London.

Immediately after the film finished, I, along with the director of Dead Dad, was asked to the front of the theater to answer questions posed by the audience. One person wanted to know how the film came about. (The director, David Begg, wanted to create something with his friend Jamie that wasn’t about his disability.) Another person praised us for our “beautiful cinematography”.

My experience at Tacoma Film Festival was very pleasant and I hope the have the opportunity to screen another one of our films there next year.”
Victoria Ramon

Coupled with our UK screening on Channel 4 in September, it has been a good few weeks for Wheels, which spurs us on to complete our current line of shorts: FRANK, Rebuild Me and Resting, all collaborations with some of our favourite people, coming soon to screens near you, as well as further developing our feature productions and setting out work for further short film work in the coming months.

It’s an exciting time for Turtle Canyon Films and as always, we thrive on simply “getting stuff done” watch this space.

To find out more about please visit the Turtle Canyon Films website.


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