Step Up: Outstanding Learning and Teaching DVD Set

Al and Stu of Turtle Canyon Media started life in the industry just over 10 years ago. One of their first clients was Alistair Smith, who took a big gamble when deciding that he would contract eighteen year olds to be in charge of his film and video productions. Ten years and many wrinkles later (on Al & Stu, Alistair Smith seems to have escaped the aging process) and they are still working together…


Step Up is a two DVD set of Outstanding lessons, strategies and teacher guidance. Step Up was filmed in six different secondary schools. It provides extended excerpts from twelve lessons each with interviews with the teachers concerned and the thoughts of some of the students. Step Up is ideal for staff development activities. All lessons were filmed live and each teacher interviewed immediately before the lesson and at some point during the lesson. We filmed outstanding teachers from the following subjects: Art and Design, English, Maths, Science, Business Studies, Languages, History and Religious Studies.

Step Up also includes staff development discussions from six schools on topics such as: lesson planning, assessment, measuring progress, questioning strategies, collaborative learning, marking and feedback, independent learning, preparation for tests and effective staff development.

Leadership teams also share their guidance on how to begin the learning journey and how to achieve ‘outstanding’ in the inspection process.

If you are a teacher or an education professional and are interested in finding out more about Alistair Smith or the DVDs then please take a look at these links:


Alistair Smith on Twitter


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