Introducing Turtle Canyon Films

Since we started our business ten years ago, we have always approached our work with a filmic sensibility, because that is what we love and, both corporately and creatively, that is the area in which we want to grow and develop. The past 18 months has seen Turtle Canyon develop it’s pipeline and portfolio of short films, features and documentaries and has seen the official inception of Turtle Canyon Films. Al takes the time to update us this month about the past, present and future of TCF.



October saw the US West Coast and South West debut of David Begg’s Wheels at both Tacoma Film Festival and the Cinema Touching Disability festival in Austin, Texas. Wheels was met with great reaction at both and we were honoured to receive both Best Emerging Film and Audience Choice at the latter. The future of Wheels is not set, there are still a few festivals to hear from and we enjoyed hearing some great responses from UK Channel 4 viewers who caught the film during the Paralympics, beyond that, David has recently signed a development deal to write his new feature project… we look forward to a first draft!

 The Silent Cancer

Our documentary looking at Pancreatic Cancer, premiered in 2009 is currently being re-broadcast on The Community Channel in the UK to tie in with Pancreatic Cancer Awareness month. Our interest in the cause is still as strong as ever and we continue to feel proud and honoured to have been involved in making this film.

Chubby Bunny

This black-comedy short from our very own Stuart Laws premiered at the Friars Club Comedy Festival in New York last month. Our spies on the ground tell us that it went down very well and currently we are waiting hopefully for more festivals to include CB in their upcoming schedules. In the meantime, keep the marshmallows flowing.


Comedy writers and performers Ben Target and Joe Parham brought this film to our attention early in 2012 and we are now in the final stages of post-production. It’s a wonderful and unique story, we are thrilled to have been entrusted with it’s realisation and can’t wait to see the finished article. From there we begin the festival entry process once more and feel confident that audiences around the world will respond to the tale as positively as we did.

Rebuild Me

Written by and starring comedian and generally lovely chap Jay Cowle, Rebuild Me tells the surreal and touching story of a recently jilted young man trying to adjust to having to be alone with his thoughts again. The film features a plethora of comedic actors, including a cameo from director Stuart Laws and collaborator Chris Boyd. We are nearing a locked edit of the film before we go to sound edit and beyond. We are also currently devising a completion plan for the film that may eschew the festival route in favour of building an online following for the project instead. Watch this space.


Brought to us in the summer by long-time friend and collaborator of the Canyon, Lauren Reed. Resting is Lauren’s first writing project and stars not only her brilliant self but the flawless Sydney Stevenson and Isla Ure as three “resting” actors on a particularly trying day. We are actually still shooting this, having shot the bulk of the story between November 3rd and 5th. As with all of our projects, we can’t thank the professionalism, support and enthusiasm of the people involved in making this film enough. It has been our most complex short to date with multiple locations, a substantial cast and tight timelines to juggle. Resting also gave us the opportunity to work with a few old friends and make some new ones. Stirling work from everyone involved… and into the edit suite we go!

Who killed the Music Industry?

The idea for this film has been scurrying around the Canyon for over 3 years, and continues to evolve and develop. Essentially, it is a feature documentary that aims to ask two questions; “is the music business dead?”, and if so, “who’s to blame?”. Currently shooting on a very loose schedule, we are slowly gathering pace for this fascinating topic.


Our feature. A horror movie. Looking for funding. That is all… for now.

To find out more about Turtle Canyon Films take a look at our mini-site here:

To find out more about Turtle Canyon Media and truly creative corporate film-making look here:


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