Why Turtle Canyon is a special place

As 2013 begins and we are all finally out of that big Mayan shadow, and we can all pretend that we didn’t max out 4 credit cards to build an apocalypse shelter, and alienate all our friends, we thought it a good time to hear from Victoria over at the Seattle branch of Turtle Canyon to hear her thoughts on 2012.

A recent TCMUSA shoot

A recent TCMUSA shoot

When I made the decision to join Turtle Canyon back in January of this year, I did so because I felt that it was something special and I wanted to be a part of it.  This feeling was strong enough that I packed up my belongings to trek from one side of the country to the other. My destination was Seattle- a place to which I had never been and my mission was to open TCM’s first US based office. I did this because I believed TCM offered me an uncommon opportunity to grow along with it and because I believe it offers more than the typical production company.

Building the US office involved, setting up the company, finding a location, and meeting new people and businesses to build clientele and a creative community. Having been established for ten months now, TCMUSA has found its footing within Seattle and has worked with a lot of wonderful people. The year 2013 looks to be a big one and I am very excited for it.

Being based in London and Seattle is not only a benefit to clients that have operations in both the UK and the US but it also offers a bit of variety when it comes to accents (I can do an American accent as well, a really good one – Stu). TCMUK is based in Pinewood Studios, the biggest film studio in the UK and responsible for such films as the The Dark Knight, The Iron Lady, and The Hours. It’s also where almost all of the Tim Burton and James Bond films are made. In fact, our UK office sits in the shadow of the 007 studio. TCMUSA is based in the shadow of the famous Space Needle and in one of the most entrepreneur friendly parts of America.

No matter what the final project, Turtle Canyon consistently generates high quality films with top of the line equipment and a clear vision. We do not limit ourselves to just one area of production because we are passionate, we love making films and we love being challenged. It’s why we have recently debuted two more specialized creative fronts: Turtle Canyon Films and Turtle Canyon Comedy.

Turtle Canyon Films, endeavors to develop and complete projects that epitomize our passions and find a broad and engaged audience. We want to make films that we’d want to watch, that film-makers we respect would want to watch, and the wider public will love. We are currently working on two films: “Who Killed the Music Industry”, a documentary on the evolution of the studio propelled music industry to what it is today and “Reunion”, a horror film.

Turtle Canyon Comedy specializes in producing and developing comedy for online, television and film. What makes it stand out is that we make it a point to trust the vision of the artists we work with. As creators ourselves, we take every precaution to make sure we do not hamper creativity. If there’s anything more that can be said about our comedic sensibilities, it’s that we have an uncanny knack for making uncomfortable situations hilarious. This environment is something I have been able to create and witness firsthand. In the last few months, I have worked with Seattle comedian Devin Badoo and writer, Greg Harbin on our web series “The Mike & Jen Show” and with local comedians Barbara Holm and Andy Palmer on their sketch, “The Juice Diet”.

Devin Badoo had this to say about working with us: “I had soo much fun working with Turtle Canyon on “Mike & Jen”. The crew was professional and friendly and helped us capture the absolute best performance.” Andy Palmer had this to say: “Victoria Ramon is a great collaborator, a smart and talented filmmaker and a gosh darn swell gal. Juice Diet wouldn’t have worked at all without her input.” Turtle Canyon Comedy is no stranger to innovative ideas either. Just a handful of months ago, we held our first ever internet fundraising campaign, “Down the Rabbit Hole: 24 hours in Youtube” to raise funds for pancreatic cancer research. The campaign was a success and raised over $1000 for the cause.

A little online meeting between Seattle and Pinewood

A little online meeting between Seattle and Pinewood

Turtle Canyon is a place where we enjoy making films and that is often contagious: clients and friends seem to really like working with us and that is something that is really inspiring. There are some exciting new projects in development and I hope many more clients and new friends for 2013.

Turtle Canyon Media are full-service production company with more than 10 years’ experience in video and film production, working with clients from a wide range of sectors and producing video content for a variety of media including broadcast commercials, music videos, short films, web promotions, communication films, documentaries, viral videos, events and training videos.



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