Crowdfunding Our Next Award-Winning Short Film

In 2012 we made short films that were watched at festivals around the world and that won awards for being really good films. In 2013 we have another roster of short films that we are extremely confident will also delight audiences and critics alike over the course of the year. So far we have managed to self-fund and scrape together what we can to make those films on the smallest budgets – the most money we’ve spent on a short is £500. The thing is, our films don’t look cheap, they look well produced and lovingly created. Don’t believe us? Then take a watch of our film reel:

Now the time has come for us to recognise that our passion and abilities can only get so much done and that sometimes a film comes along that requires a bird handler, complex visual effects, model work and intricate set design. The sort of things that only money can solve. So Turtle Canyon Films, in association with Joe Parham & Ben Target, have decided to attempt to crowdfund our next short. If Joe & Ben’s names seem familiar it’s probably because they are: they are the film-makers we worked with to create FRANK, a beautiful short film that is currently touring the festivals.

The new film is called The Bird. The Bird is the story of a young man forced to take drastic action when his grieving mother refuses to acknowledge his existence, lavishing all her attentions instead on a loyal garden bird that visits her every morning. In his desperation, the young man first murders the bird, and then attempts to become the bird… but will this be enough to attract his mother’s affection, jolt her out of her malaise, and honour the memory of his mysteriously killed father?

We think that with Ben & Joe we stand a great chance of making another truly special short film, potentially award-winning, definitely unique, compelling and beautiful. To make this project a reality please visit our crowdfunding page to find out more and make a donation. There are many levels of rewards available to those who donate – a chance for you to own unique collector’s posters and DVDs, a chance to become an executive producer and even get a comedy gig at your own home featuring critically acclaimed Joe Parham & Stuart Laws, as well as Edinburgh Newcomer Nominee Ben Target.


Turtle Canyon Films is a dedicated film production division of award-winning production company, Turtle Canyon Media.

Our goal is to produce shorts, features and documentaries of the highest quality, working in collaboration with the best writers, directors and actors that we know or are yet to meet.


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