Rebuild Me – new short film

REBUILD ME – the latest short film from the prodigious Turtle Canyon Films.
Turtle Canyon Films, an independent production company based at Pinewood Studios, the home of film, are proud to announce the release of their latest short film, “Rebuild Me”.

The 9 minute film was written by stand-up comedian Jay Cowle and tells the story of his quest to find out who is, having lost his identity while being dumped by his long-term girlfriend. The film is told through a series of comical and fantastical flashbacks that ride a thin line between reality and imagination. Directed by acclaimed up and coming director Stuart Laws, whose previous short film “Chubby Bunny” wowed audiences at The London Short Film Festival, and shot by the mercurial Canadian Anton McCrae it is a film with a strong identity and funny, naturalistic performances.


by Jay Cowle (Writer)

It was after a five year relationship ended that I found myself, slumped on a sofa, watching Monty Python. It struck me that coming out of such a long relationship I had no idea what I wanted to do, or be, but that meant I could try to be anything. I had a chance to rebuild me.

I have always written stories, usually odd ones. I decided to try stand up. The idea terrified me, but at least it would be a way to read my stories aloud. That’s how I met Stuart Laws, a comedian who written a brilliant “coming of age” stand-up show about being deprived of Nesquik). Stuart also co-owned a film production company called Turtle Canyon Media.

I started to work on a script about my breakup and how it had totally changed my life. It was after that moment with Python that I found a hobby, a passion, and a way to waste a huge amount of time and money. Before sending the script to Stuart I was sneaky and had a friend (and professional writer) have a look at it. After he spontaneously combusted I knew that the script was ready and would make a film I could be very proud of. From the start I wrote the parts for Chris Boyd and Nathaniel Metcalfe because both had a comedic cadence that is authoritative yet silly. Something that I very much appreciated of Python. Thankfully they both agreed to be in the short, along with Cara Fielder who did so only because she was all for me being repeatedly dunked in water. 

With the help of a lot of nice people, one dog, and Gosh Comics we got the film done. I hope you enjoy it.


Turtle Canyon Films is a dedicated film production division of award-winning production company, Turtle Canyon Media. Turtle Canyon Films was born out of a love of movies and a desire to make the kind of films that they would want to see at the cinema. They are based at Pinewood Studios and are keen to embrace the spontaneous and to indulge the meticulous, as long as it leads to filmmaking that is passionate, unique and enthralling.

Their films are varied in style, in terms of direction, lighting, performances and genre but are united by energy. Each film feels real, with realistic performances and naturalistic direction bringing even the most fantastical stories to life. Rebuild Me is a perfect example where Stuart Laws’ directing and Anton McCrae’s lensing combined to tell the surreal story, of a young man trying to find himself, in a stylish yet grounded way. The film looks otherworldly but is still relatable.

The past 18 months has seen Turtle Canyon develop it’s portfolio of short films, features and documentaries. In that time they have completed seven short films and had them play at festivals around the world, win awards and be broadcast on national television. They have more in the pipeline, including their debut feature film: Reunion. They are also crowdfunding a new short film, “The Bird”, on Sponsume.
Turtle Canyon Films:
Al Clayton (Executive Producer):

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