Resting – online short film

At Turtle Canyon Media we make a lot of short films, documentaries and corporate productions. We try and approach each one with all the experience we’ve built up over years of work but with new ideas and exciting collaborations. Tonight we premiere our latest short film “Resting”. It’s written by and starring Lauren Reed and directed by Al Clayton. The new thing here is that we premiered it online, August 30th at 9pm and encouraged the audience to watch and engage together.

Resting Vimeo

Resting, the debut short film from trio of actors Lauren Reed, Sydney Stevenson and Isla Ure, produced by the award-winning Turtle Canyon Films, was premiered online at 9pm, Friday 30th August.

The short film “Resting”, written by and starring Lauren Reed alongside fellow resting actors Sydney Stevenson and Isla Ure (all graduated from Arts Ed – a drama school in West London), has been released online by Turtle Canyon Films in an innovative online premiere. The 18 minute film tells the comical tale of three “resting” actors struggling with their day jobs.

Resting is written by actors, for actors; a tongue-in-cheek look at the every-day life for the 96% of actors who at any given time are…not acting! Even in this day and age a film written by a woman, with three lead roles filled by women is, sadly, a rarity. It was important for Lauren that that was not an issue raised in the film, that the film had its own story to tell: a farcical look at what everyday life can be like for people who are pinning their hopes on that next audition catapulting them to stardom.

Joining Lauren, Syd and Isla on screen are a collection of up and coming UK actors, many of whom also graduated from Arts Ed,  as well as a few familiar faces in the form of David Bedella (Rocky Horror Show, Jerry Springer the Opera, Batman Begins) and Diana Weston (The Upper Hand, Bert Rigby you’re a fool).

The film was shot on location at Pinewood Studios and at Arts Ed itself, lending a special resonance to many of the cast and crew involved. Director Alastair Clayton said, “We love when people bring us ideas and screenplays that are ready to go and have the potential to get made on a limited budget, the opportunity to work with a large cast of wonderful and professional people and to shoot a farcical and fun tale was a great experience”


Turtle Canyon Media is a full-service, award-winning production company made up of highly-motivated, enthusiastic people who have a real passion for film. The team has over 10 years of experience each and are based at Pinewood Studios and in Seattle, Washington. They have made ten short films in the last two years and are achieving acclaim and success online and at festivals worldwide. Their knack for identifying and collaborating with exciting talent is making Turtle Canyon Films one of the most compelling and inventive independent production companies working today. The creative team behind Resting are currently working hard on follow-up projects. Turtle Canyon are developing individual projects with Sydney and Lauren, whilst Isla is working on her debut feature film, Halcyon Heights.

To find out more about ‘Resting’ please visit our site at

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