The Human Resource – web sitcom

Those of you who know us here at Turtle Canyon Media know that we enjoy film-making and love to bring something a bit different to every production. Sometimes it’s just making an interview going smoother than expected, sometimes it’s contributing to the writing process and helping to create something truly special from the very start of production. Sometimes it’s in making a series of tongue-in-cheek videos about how to best care for your employees. In early 2012 we officially formed Turtle Canyon Comedy and September 20th saw the launch of our first online sitcom “The Human Resource”…

THR Poster_FB

Turtle Canyon Comedy, independent comedy producers based in both Pinewood Studios, UK and Seattle, USA are releasing a new online sitcom on September 20th. The three-part series stars top comedy stars James Acaster and Ben Target, along with a range of other up and coming comedians, and is based in the inauspicious setting of a failing video production company.

The show was developed from Stuart Laws & Al Clayton’s (the writer/directors) own history in running a corporate video company and some of the more extreme experiences they’ve had. So The Human Resource is based around Direct Digital Videos, a company circling the drain thanks to poor management and even worse client retention. Entering this situation is Max, the company’s first official employee and the only sane person in an office of immature entrepreneurs, hyperactive clients and rogue security guards.


Turtle Canyon Comedy was established in 2012 and have become experts in delivering unique, passionate comedy that is finding a worldwide audience. They have achieved regular viral success, are closing in on 1 million views online and their short films have played at festivals around the world. They’ve produced pilots, short films and future online shows with some of the best talent from the UK television screens. They see the launch of The Human Resource as the start of a new era for Turtle Canyon Comedy, working with the most exciting names in UK comedy to create comedy for the new generation of comedy fans.

The Human Resource is a fast-paced, semi-improvised sitcom in the style of Arrested Development or Operation Good Guys, combined with the lunacy of Shooting Stars. Each of the three 10-12 minute episodes link together to form one storyline and Turtle Canyon Comedy see it as the launching point for future episodes.

Sequence 1 05

 Al Clayton, writer/director, explains how he sees “The Human Resource”:

“I think it’s a modern, video production company version of Alice in Wonderland, with Max falling down the rabbit hole and emerging into the world of Direct Digital Videos. Essentially it’s a story about an innocent man with big dreams who is thrust unwittingly into a strange and somewhat dangerous environment surrounded by complete maniacs. He never wanted to among mad people, but Max will slowly learn that, just like Alice, he can’t help that at Direct Digital Videos.”

Watch the series here: on The Human Resource playlist

For more information about The Human Resource please contact Stuart Laws on


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