Turtle Canyon Films in 2013

In the past two years Turtle Canyon Films have produced 12 short films, from a wide variety of writing and directing talent, working within different genres and largely on very low budgets. We believe that going to the movies is a privilege, to see anything from the smallest independent film to the biggest blockbuster and we endeavour to develop and complete projects that epitomise our passions and find a broad and engaged audience. We want to make films that we’d want to watch, that film-makers we respect would want to watch and that the wider public will love.


Turtle Canyon Films launched quietly in 2011 with the completion of shooting our first full short, David Begg’s “Wheels” which spurred us on to collaborate with more writers, directors and creative professionals. In 2012 we went from strength to strength, completing around half a dozen shorts which went off to festivals and online. 2013 saw us shoot and complete our most elaborate and ambitious short film yet, Ben Target and Joe Parham’s “The Bird” starring Alastair Roberts and Julia Davis. This was a really challenging yet exciting project to be involved with and everyone involved is incredibly proud of the outcome, we are waiting to hear back from a handful of festivals with hopes to get in to a few and gain traction for The Bird beyond. In 2013 we also shot a proof of concept pitch film for a big feature project based on the novel “War Song” by James Riordan and written by Sydney Stevenson, a trailer for our low-budget slasher movie Reunion and a single shot short film called “Over To You At 2”. We received great reviews and “Film of the Week” accolades from Gorilla Film Magazine, front page features on Huffington Post, Chortle, Film Shortage & Such Small Portions, and co-ordinated a live online premiere with social media interaction. 2013 was successful because it was a collection of evolutionary steps and bold moves in the right direction for Turtle Canyon Films, we made great new content, screened at great festivals & prestigious screening nights and even bagged a few award nominations.

IMG_8044 crop

Working as an independent film production company is liberating and difficult in equal measures. We can choose precisely what films we want to make and who we want to work with – this has allowed us to meet new people, create exciting films across a multitude of genres and styles and push forward our personal projects. Without any grant funding or private investors we can find it difficult to get our work out there to as many people as we’d like and we really stretch our budgets as far as they will go. It’s why online and festival success is so thrilling for us and a chance for us to reflect on our achievements and the friendships we’ve built. We have collaborated and worked with over one hundred people this year and each and every one of them is owed a debt of gratitude here at Turtle Canyon Films. 2013 was the year we explored crowd funding for the first time and was the year we completed our feature film proposals, ready for potential sales agents and distributors to cast their eyes over our plans.

Here’s our year in stats:

Short films completed – 7

Feature films in development – 4

Festivals/competitions applied to – 43

Festivals officially selected at – 14

Awards and nominations – 5

Films released online – 10

Cumulative online views – 10,608

IMG_8235 crop

2014 promises to be yet more exciting for Turtle Canyon Films. We have around 20 festivals to hear news of selection or rejection and many more to apply to with our increasing catalogue of short films. Our continuing work on features “The Rose of No Man’s Land”, “The Warm Up” and “Reunion” aside, we have already lined up 5 or 6 short films that we plan to start producing as early as March this year. Working with grant and match funding will be a new step for us this year, naturally increasing our scope as a film company. We’ve already screened at two festivals this year, the London Short Film Festival and LOCO Film Festival, both of which were wonderful experiences, and we intend to become increasingly common names on the festival circuit. 2014 brings with it the opportunity to work further with some of our favourite collaborators such as Ben Target, James Acaster and Sydney Stevenson and also to explore new ideas with new writers, actors and directors. The possibilities for Turtle Canyon Films could be huge this year, we just have to make sure we do everything we can to realise the potential.

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