The Unseen Turtles

At Turtle Canyon Media we like to write about and show the world the projects we work on, though we often can’t do that. There are many reasons for that: from working with agencies to deliver internal communication films, to creating non-broadcast pilots that will only be seen by a handful of people, and creating documentaries for private screenings and appeals. Stuart explains what an average day is like at The Canyon…


Studio shoot being prepped


Running a company and getting to make films all the time has led to a week never really beginning or ending for me. Monday represents a day when clients get in touch about past, current and future projects. A regular job at a production company is encoding new versions of old films for clients, sometimes with minor text changes, sometimes formatted for iPad, most of the time just because they’ve lost the old version. This provides the opportunity to crack open the archives and discover what other projects you were working on in April 2011 – “oh look! There’s that interview I shot where in the background two men are locked into a handshake battle for 73 seconds.” That’s a genuine video, if you come by The Canyon sometime then I’ll show you it.

Corporate video is such a huge area of business in the modern world. Just ten years ago corporate films were played only to select audiences, at conferences and off of DVD or video players. Now they’re available for the entire world to see. And judge. Getting a promotional video or attempting to create a viral or filming some testimonials are ways of boosting the online presence of a company. Most of the time these videos get seen by the target audience and help to boost brand awareness or promote a product or service. Sometimes they go viral; the whole world sees it. But that’s not always a good thing.

Standing out from the crowd is just one consideration for a corporate film, there’s a whole swathe of other details that must be addressed. What is the intended message of the film? How long should it be? What style is appropriate? Who is the audience? What is the final format? What equipment is needed? Scripted or documentary? Actors or real people? Visual or practical effects? Studio or location shoots? Specific deadlines or legal details? At Turtle Canyon we know the process inside out and can help guide you at every stage.

Filming at the zoo

Filming at the zoo

At Turtle Canyon Media we have a deep love for film and try to bring a cinematic and creative approach to corporate video. There is a time when the most suitable video is a straightforward corporate video with clean shots, steady edit style and simple graphics. We make them all the time for a reason: they work and they get messages across clearly and concisely. Sometimes though a different approach is needed and that’s where we stand out from other production companies. We can take the experience and expertise we have gathered in the ten years of Turtle Canyon and combine it with the ability to look at a project from a different perspective.

  • Need to represent the action of a certain machine but fed up of the standard 3D CGI exploration? Why not try an artist painting a representation of the process in different layers on their canvas?
  • Need to emphasise the lifestyle selling point of your crisps? Try a comedy short film that subverts the traditional styles of the genre.
  • Need to promote your new product range? Why not distribute the products to customers and make a documentary about their experiences?

Our short films have been shortlisted and won awards internationally, our comedy videos have gone viral many times and our corporate films have been commended at national awards ceremonies and play in the headquarters of some of the biggest companies in the world. There is no such thing as an average day at The Canyon as they can be spent finalising edits, scripting new projects or travelling the country to film the latest video.


Shooting a charity campaign video

Just today I have already driven from our offices in Pinewood Studios to Crawley for an 8am shoot, interviewed staff at a warehouse, shot cutaways, driven back, captured footage, archived and logged the project, completed the edit and delivered the final file of another film (5 day turnaround from shoot to completion), redesigned a motion graphics project, finalised and exported a virtual presentation, signed off a script, finished the edit of a TV documentary episode, planned a comedy web series launch, had three coffees and booked in a new shoot for tomorrow morning. I also wrote this blog. It’s 430pm.

Why not visit The Canyon and have a coffee? I can show you that handshake video, it’s very funny and slightly disturbing. Till then, here’s our showreel:

Turtle Canyon Media are full-service production company with more than 10 years’ experience in video and film production, working with clients from a wide range of sectors and producing video content for a variety of media including broadcast commercials, music videos, short films, web promotions, communication films, documentaries, viral videos, events and training videos.


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