How do you get a great corporate film?

At Turtle Canyon Media we are, at one time, working on many different projects. From corporate promos to documentaries and from training videos to comedy pilots. We love the breadth of genres, styles and challenges and have learnt so much about wide-ranging topics and companies’ internal workings that we could write a very strange encyclopedia. And then make a promotional video for it. But what is the process of getting a film made with Turtle Canyon?



We’re an easy company to work with on any project and the amount of clients that return to us project-after-project would bear testament to that. Film-making, for us, is an instinctive process, but to a newcomer can seem overwhelming. What follows is a step-by-step guide to how we’d make a film with you.

1. FIRST CONTACT – we’d discuss the project with you to find out what your ideas are, what story you want your film to tell, what your out what your target audience is, what style you are looking for and all the other small details that will make your film unique and powerful.

2. BRIEF – from the initial discussions a brief will be drawn up by us that will detail what we believe the requirements of the film to be, along with timescales, delivery dates and a full quote for the film.

3. SCRIPTING – this stage may not be necessary but what we will do as a bare minimum is draw up a shot list and a list of questions for any interviews. The other end of the scale is a fully drafted and honed script detailing dialogue, scenes and specific shots.

4. PRE-PRODUCTION – we’ll be in touch with you during this stage to consult on major decisions such as casting, locations and scheduling. We will prepare everything to get the project ready to be filmed in a timely, professional and enjoyable fashion.

5. PRODUCTION – the big day is where you get to see all those ideas come to fruition as make up is applied, lights are rigged, sets are dressed, cameras roll, directors call action, actors perform your dialogue and interviewees explain how great they think your product is. Or it could be a small scale two person crew who turn up to film a company event, or to interview employees about recent company successes. The key is to work out what is appropriate for your film.


6. EDIT – this can happen in a few different ways but the first steps are always the same: we back up the footage, set up a project and assemble a first edit, to the specification agreed in the brief. You then get to review the first cut online and have two options: send us thoughts by email and we’ll work to get the film just how you want it, or pay us a visit at our office in Pinewood Studios and sit in on the edit, working out fine details and getting it just right.

7. MUSIC & GRAPHICS – when the general flow of the film is agreed we’ll turn the temporary graphics and music into full quality, bespoke elements and take your film to the next level. Our composer will put together an original, beautiful piece of music that’s just right for your film. With the graphics, we’ll work to brand guidelines or create something completely new.

8. SIGN OFF – you tell us that you love what we’ve done and that you sign off the picture and sound edit. We all celebrate!

9. FINISHING – this is where we sort technical details such as grading and sound mix out. We basically just give your film a final polish and prepare it for the final output.

10. DELIVERY – you get the film, in whatever format you need: online streaming, TV & cinema delivery, conference screening, Blu-Ray, DVD, USB stick, cloud storage, whatever you need (including VHS, if you want to pretend the 90s never ended).

IMG_8044 crop

11. NEXT STEPS – we start planning the next project or you come back to us and get us to revise the finished film for a new audience, or add a new introduction to it or change the graphics for a rebrand.

Now, we’ve been through these stages thousands of times in our careers and making a film can be a lengthy process or supremely speedy. We recently completed a series of short instructional films for a new client within two weeks of the very first phone call, we shot ten live music videos a week ago and have already delivered half of the final films. At the other end of the scale we’ve entered into a year-long commitment to film an ongoing project that will require regular shoot days, an ever-developing edit and continual assessment to ensure the final film covers ever important event throughout the year.

Turtle Canyon Media are full-service production company with more than 10 years’ experience in video and film production, working with clients from a wide range of sectors and producing video content for a variety of media including broadcast commercials, music videos, short films, web promotions, communication films, documentaries, viral videos, events and training videos.


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