5 Note perfect musical performances from the movies

Music is, of course integral to many of the movies we know and love and will continue to be in a huge variety of ways.  It occurred to us how awesome it is to see a great “live” performance of music in an otherwise not particularly musical story (i.e. not an actual musical) and we thought we’d draw attention to some wonderful times that music has been used to drive a story along while also allow us, the audience, to bathe in the musical glory on film. Al gives us his…

5 Note perfect musical performances from the movies

These are by no means “The Best” or “Definitive”, just simply a few that make me smile that are worth having a watch (or re-watch) of, so in no particular order…

Song: Freebird
Performed by: Ruckus
Movie: Elizabethtown

Acting as a cathartic release for pretty much all of the movie’s major and minor characters, fictional band “Ruckus” reform for Mitch Baylor’s wake. The results are moving, funny, romantic and anarchic all at once, culminating in a huge fire and Kirsten Dunst’s most wonderful “last look”.

Song: Johnny B. Goode
Performed by: Marty McFly & The Starlighters
Movie: Back to the Future

Marty finally gets his chance to play in front of people, and he’s earnt it, having had to travel 30 years into the past and risk his own existence, not to mention make out with his own mother, our hero lays down the most incredible performance the Enchantment Under the Sea dance was ever likely to witness.

Song: Llorando (Crying)
Performed by: Rebekah Del Rio
Movie: Mulholland Drive

A literal tipping point for Betty/Diane’s character and indeed the audience as we start to realise that not all is what it seems. Like the two characters watching the performance, it’s hard to understand exactly why it’s so moving, but nevertheless is incredibly emotional and unsettling all at once.

Song: Twist and Shout
Performed by: Ferris Bueller
Movie: Ferris Bueller’s Day Off

Possibly one of the most feel-good moments of the 80s, a whole generation yelps for joy as Ferris takes over the parade float and has half of Chicago revelling in the same joy we feel as an audience as Ferris Bueller’s Day Off heads towards it’s difficult third act.

Song: The Banana Boat Song
Performed by: The Cast
Movie: Beetlejuice

This really speaks for itself, it’s classic Tim Burton and just such a genuinely strange depiction of possession, a one of a kind performance for sure.

I’m sure there are many more, in fact I’ve just thought of another 12 or so right now, but these are ones that never fail to excite me, move me or just get me grooving.

What are your top 5 movie music scenes?

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