Total Turtle Corporate Canyon Movie Media

Here at the Canyon there is no such thing as an average day. As a production company we have many different projects consistently on the go, where no few days are the same. It is safe to say we take pride in the chaos that goes into creating the perfect production.


As a modern production company we strive to seek out all that is going on within film and video production, and utilise our skills to determine how businesses or companies are using this platform to portray their campaign. Corporate video is a completely different undertaking in the modern world of careful and complex campaigns to further brands, sell products or create relationships with consumers.

A corporate film helps get your message out there to your target audience as well as being seen by people who you didn’t even know existed; this allows you to promote your brand or advertise your business in a professional yet enthralling way. The last few years have seen advances in camera and post-production technology that allow unique productions to be developed and almost anything that can be imagined can be translated to the screen. And then distributed around the world in a strategic marketing campaign or targeted towards a small niche audience that love interacting with your brand.

studioshootWith any video production there are a variety of factors that need to be considered, not only what looks best, what tells the story or what makes people laugh, etc. A great corporate film will promote your company in a professional and inviting manner – but also truly represent your values as a company and your unique service, to the world.

If you’ve decided you want a film, or to produce a new film then there are many questions to consider: what message do you want to relay to your audience through the video? How long do you wish it to be? Where do you get the relevant equipment to film the video? Do you have people to act in it or people to interview? How long will the production take? The list can feel endless, but that’s why production companies like us exist to help iron out all the necessary details. Turtle Canyon Media is experienced in video and film production and has the passion and skills to help your corporate film succeed. We believe that we offer a wide range of perspectives and in-house talents that set us apart from other production companies.


Our successful short films, which have been internationally recognised and awarded, and our comedy work, with British Comedy Award and international comedy award winning talent, sit alongside our corporate films, for some of the world’s largest companies and have won multiple awards at national awards ceremonies.

With over 12 years experience, our directors can help you produce the perfect video for your business or company. We will help to identify or translate unique selling points into a film, fully manage the production process and deliver it in whatever format and wherever you need it. If you have a product you need to advertise effectively, our short films can help you advertise your product through comedy or through a variety of non- traditional techniques. This will help you break away from tradition and give you an edge when promoting your business or product.

Corporate film is no longer a VHS or DVD with interviews to explain what the company is and does: it’s a co-ordinated campaign with creative approaches to new ideas, for an evermore sophisticated audience. We’d love to help you reach them.

Turtle Canyon Media are full-service production company with more than 12 years’ experience in video and film production, working with clients from a wide range of sectors and producing video content for a variety of media including broadcast commercials, music videos, short films, web promotions, communication films, documentaries, viral videos, events and training videos.


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